Some great health benefits of drawing and other artistic exercises

Often we forget to make some space for creativity in our hectic lives. Read on to discover why creativity is so important.

We commonly try to put the idea of creativity in opposition to the idea of logic. One breaks the rules and boundaries, the other is a strictly mathematical concept that is all about adhering to instructions. This form of dichotomous thinking just puts us further away from appreciating either of these aspects. In truth, creative thought necessitates logic, just like logic thought necessitates creativity. The more you engage in imaginative activities, the more will your logic abilities improve alongside it. Whilst our society values logic, we commonly forget simply how indispensable creativity is to this procedure. What is creativity? A creative process is as much about issue solving as the logical procedure is. When striving to make a logical conclusion about a scenario with particular parameters, often we ought to seek out novel aspects of looking at and using these parameters to figure out a certain problem – which is exactly what happens when you try to make something fresh. So, an improved logical thought can surely be viewed as one of the top advantages of creativity and breakthrough. You can take several art lessons from experienced tutors like Frank Zweegers to increase both your creativity and logic!

Did you know that there are many different health benefits of creativity? A great deal of research today supports the claim that creativity might be as important to our overall wellness as correct nutrition and regular exercise, and art therapy specialists like Cathy Malchiodi will agree. These studies have found that participating in creative activities leads to a decrease in depressive symptoms and stress and leads to a boost in positive emotions and also improvements in functioning of your immune system. In a way this may be explained if you consider creativity to be the procedure that connects mind to the body, where we try to express what we authentically are through the means of our physical body. So maybe attempting to express your creative side can help you next time you feel a bit down.

When we talk about the importance of creativity increased confidence is something that should surely be mentioned. There is no other feeling like the feeling of knowing that you can make something with your own hands. Once you recognise that you have the control over this artistic procedure, however small it may be, this realisation will begin spilling over to other parts of your life, causing a general confidence boost. You will start feeling more confident and more in control of your life. Enhanced confidence is quite likely something that artists like Jana Schröder have experienced in their artistic approach.

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